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Credit Card Collection Defense

Trusted Legal Representation in Creditor Lawsuits

Are you facing a lawsuit from a credit card company or debt buyer? Have you been served with a summons or complaint regarding such an action? If so, you will need to take action immediately. In cases where a response to the summons is required, you generally have only 20 days to do so. If you fail to respond, a default judgment may be entered against you through the courts without any further notice. Such a judgment can lead to a wage garnishment, seizure of bank accounts and assets, and damage to your credit score.

If you are in the above situation, I highly recommend that you contact me at Robert J. Warren, P.A., Attorney at Law. As a Gainesville bankruptcy lawyer with decades of experience, I have helped thousands of clients facing financial crisis and legal action. I can review and analyze all of the facts and circumstances of your situation. Legal defenses may be available to help you win your case. These defenses must be properly and promptly presented, however, or you may lose the opportunity to argue them.

Get Help From a Skilled Legal Professional

In these types of lawsuits, the plaintiff bringing the suit against you must prove their case properly and according to the stringent requirements of the law. Many of these companies assume that you will not dispute the case, regardless of the circumstances or what amount of money or attorneys fees they claim is due. As a result, their case against you may be poorly prepared, sloppy, inaccurate, or not based on fact. Having an experienced attorney handling your case and representing you in such matters can make a difference in its outcome.

I offer a free case evaluation to prospective clients. By meeting with me and discussing the details of your situation, I can determine what options are available to solve the problems that you face. Credit card collection matters can be complex and confusing; by getting the professional advice and guidance you need, you will be taking positive action to resolve it.

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