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Beware of phone scams targeting bankruptcy filers

Beware of phone scams Sadly, there are always some people out there that are looking to take advantage of people that are already down on their luck. One such instance that has come to light is a ...
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Can Creditors Seize Personal Property in Florida?

Assuming that you have not given the creditor a lien on any specific property, Florida law allows a debtor to protect a certain amount of personal property from the claims of creditors. If you own a ...
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Safeguarding your exempt funds by segregating bank accounts

One of the most recurring issues that I deal with in speaking with people about personal finance is the question of how to protect what they have. You may have a lot or a little. In either case, you ...
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Florida's New Foreclosure Law / Fast Tracking Foreclosures

Are you behind on your mortgage payments or already in foreclosure? If so, the new foreclosure law just signed by Governor Rick Scott is something that should not be ignored. The new law is designed ...
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A More Successful Approach To Mortgage Modification

There has been a great deal of news in the past several years about mortgage modification. There have been programs launched by the federal government and state governments, as well as several ...
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What To Know About The Statute of Limitations

I often get calls from people regarding judgements being entered, assets such as bank accounts or vehicles being seized, and even wages being garnished on debts that they believed were past the ...
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Welcome to our new Bankruptcy Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Gainesville bankruptcy blog. You can view our entire RSS feed here.
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Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

If I had a nickel for every time a person asked my how long their credit will be ruined because they filed bankruptcy, I would have a truckload of nickels. The notion that bankruptcy ruins credit ...
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Feelings Of Shame And Guilt Over Bankruptcy

Many of the good people that I counsel regarding bankruptcy come into my office under tremendous stress and are upset or even crying. Some of this stress is without doubt caused by rude and unethical ...
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Setting Financial Goals

Why set financial goals? To achieve financial freedom, of course! Perhaps you will one day want the freedom to send your children to college, continue your own education, buy a home, or take a nice ...
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Ending Driver's License Suspension Through Bankruptcy

I often get asked whether a bankruptcy can help to get a driver’s license back after it has been suspended because of a lawsuit for damages arising from the use of an automobile. Under ...
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Transfers of property before a bankruptcy

One of the most commonly asked questions is: Why can’t I just transfer the title to my car (or other significantly valued property) to a relative (or other person) before I file for bankruptcy ...
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Home Equity Loans. Life Line or Anchor?

Many of the people that I consult with are deep in debt and are without sufficient income to pay the debt off regardless of how much they sacrifice or attempt to cut expenditures. While we could ...
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