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Beware of phone scams targeting bankruptcy filers

Beware of phone scams

Sadly, there are always some people out there that are looking to take advantage of people that are already down on their luck. One such instance that has come to light is a telephone scam reported by federal officials that is targeting people that have filed for bankruptcy. The callers (thieves) are calling debtors and posing as their attorneys. Sophisticated technology is being used to make the caller ID appear that the call is actually coming from the attorney's office. The victim is told that a particular debt must be paid immediately and that the funds must be wired to a specific location. This type of call is not likely to ever come from your attorney's office. If you receive a call of this nature, DO NOT give any personal or financial information whatsoever to the caller, get whatever identifying information that you can from the caller, then hang up and call your attorney's office. The call can also be reported to your State's Attorney General for investigation.