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Debt Settlement

Reducing Your Debt with Legal Help

Are you overwhelmed by unsecured debt, such as credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, payday loans, or other personal loans? Are you unable to make your monthly payments, using one credit card to pay another or using your savings to pay your debts? Perhaps you are now using your credit card to pay for necessities, such as gasoline for your car or groceries. You may be getting phone calls and letters from your creditors or collection agencies demanding payment. All of this leads to severe distress and, without taking action to resolve it, the matter will likely just get worse.

Debt settlement, also known as debt arbitration, is a legal way to reduce your debt through negotiation with your creditors. In some cases, creditors will agree to forgive a percentage of the account balance in order to finally and fully settle a debt. As a Gainesville bankruptcy attorney, I can work with your creditors in an attempt to negotiate a reduction of your outstanding unsecured debt balance that may be agreeable to both sides. The balance is then paid in a lump sum to the creditor as payment in full of the debt. Debt settlement agreements can range between 25 and 65 percent of what is owed. The settlement that is negotiated, however, will depend on each individual case, creditor, and debtor.

Work with a Reliable Debt Settlement Lawyer

Debt settlement may not handle any damage to your credit score that you have incurred due to defaulting or paying late on account balances. It may, however, reduce your overall debt, end collection attempts, and allow you to move on with rebuilding your financial scene. Caution is advised when seeking a debt settlement company; many debt settlement companies engage in false advertising. That is why I recommend that you contact me at my law office. Work with a reliable and trustworthy source.

As an attorney, I have been practicing since 1987, have been BV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, and have a strong track record of positive results in debt relief for my clients. Contact my firm today!

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