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As an attorney who has been in practice since 1987, I have personally assisted thousands of clients in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Starke, Cedar Key, Palatka, High Springs, Keystone Heights, and the surrounding areas. I offer knowledgeable and experienced professional guidance and representation in bankruptcy and related types of financial distress matters with personalized attention throughout the duration of your legal matter. Because of my outstanding legal service to my clients, I have received the Avvo Client's Choice Award and am BV rated by Martindale-Hubbell (signifying "Very High Legal Ability & Ethical Standards."

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Practice Areas

Chapter 7
A Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy is also known as liquidation or a straight bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy filing is the most common, the fastest, and applies to both individuals and married couples who are in a position where they cannot pay back the debts they owe. Specific requirements must be met to qualify for a Chapter 7.

Debt Settlement
Debt settlement generally involves negotiation with your creditor for a reduction in the overall balance you owe which is then paid in a lump sum. This is not the same as debt consolidation or debt management where you make monthly payments to a consolidator. Debt settlement generally applies only to unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, medical bills, and personal loans.

Lien Stripping
If the value of your home has fallen below what you owe on your first mortgage, your second or third mortgages may be able to be eliminated through lien stripping in a bankruptcy case. This can be of great value to those who are trying to save their home but are struggling with second mortgages.

Mortgage Modification
Mortgage modification involves negotiating a change in the terms of your home loan in order to make it more affordable. This may involve a lowered interest rate, term, or monthly payment; getting experienced legal guidance can facilitate this process. Mortgage Modification Mediation in bankruptcy has achieved a success rate approximately 70% higher than modification efforts outside of the bankruptcy process.

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments for a period of time, you may be facing a potential foreclosure. The average length of time the process may take is approximately six months or more. To learn what your legal rights and options are, get professional legal guidance from an attorney who practices foreclosure defense.

Contact my firm to arrange for a free consultation concerning debt relief options that apply to you. Learn about your legal rights, how you can resolve your financial crisis, and move towards a better future.

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