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For most people, a real estate transaction is the single largest purchase they will ever make. Whether you are buying a home, office building, or other commercial property, it is crucial to have experienced representation by your side. As an experienced closing attorney and licensed title agent, I can coordinate and guide you through the entire process of buying a home or refinancing your existing mortgage.

I am Gainesville real estate Attorney Robert J. Warren, and I am dedicated to protecting the financial interests of my clients. When you retain my firm, you can expect dedicated counsel throughout the closing process. From handling paperwork to making recommendations, my firm stands ready to make your real estate purchase as smooth as possible.

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What Does a Gainesville Real Estate Lawyer Do?

The closing attorney is often considered the "quarterback" of the entire process, as they conduct many of the most critical and time-consuming tasks.

At my firm, I offer clients comprehensive representation, which may include:

  • Examining the title to assure that the property is free of improper liens and defects
  • Providing title insurance (Robert J. Warren is a member of Attorney's Title Fund).
  • Prepare and deliver necessary documents
  • Payment of commissions
  • Payment of applicable taxes

This is just a short list of the responsibilities a Gainesville real estate closing lawyer will have during the buying process, and there are many more. However, the most important thing an attorney brings to the table is peace of mind, knowing that your rights and financial interests are being looked out for.

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Since 1987, I have proudly represented Florida residents in a wide variety of financial and real estate matters. With my extensive experience, you can trust that I will always strive to provide the highest possible standard of representation, regardless of how complex your case may seem. It is a huge advantage to have legal representation on your side during such a significant transaction as closing a real estate deal. As a Licensed Title Agent I can help ensure that all of the agreements made are in your best interests.

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