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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

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If you are facing a financial crisis involving overwhelming debt, you are not alone. Since the economic recession began in 2008, millions of Americans have been faced with financial distress, including the inability to make ends meet, repossession, wage garnishment, and foreclosure.

Florida has been especially hit hard with the decline of real estate values, unemployment, and other economic woes. Being unable to meet your financial obligations is a source of constant stress. You may be faced with creditor harassment, the potential loss of your home, your vehicle, your wages, and other financial problems.

Those with retirement savings from IRAs or other retirement programs may be wrongly tempted to use these funds to pay off creditors. Others may be talked into taking out a second mortgage or home equity line to pay monthly bills by a creditor or collection agency. Other poor solutions which may only increase your problems include transferring title to property, giving property away or selling it for far less than its value, and only paying debts owed to individuals such as family members, friends, or business partners.

Furthermore, many debt consolidation scams exist which advertise painless debt relief through one low monthly payment. Other companies claim they can clean up your credit for a fee. Many of these companies have been found, in recent years, to produce little benefit at all to consumers, which is why you should be wary.

Get Qualified Professional Legal Help

Before you engage in any of these actions, you should consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney. I suggest you take this step earlier rather than later; the consequences of waiting too long to get the knowledgeable advice and guidance you need can be severe and irreversible.

Only by discussing the particulars of your situation with an attorney who focuses on these matters every day will you be able to explore all of the options available to you for solving your financial distress. With professional legal guidance you will be able to make an informed decision about what is right for you, based on your financial needs and goals.

Legal steps do exist which can be taken to get you back on a secure financial footing with a fresh start. As a Gainesville bankruptcy lawyer who has counseled thousands of clients over the years, I have seen every type of financial problem and have helped my clients take control of their situation and begin to rebuild their lives with a sense of security and peace.

Let me use my years of hard-won practical experience and extensive knowledge in the field of bankruptcy and debt relief to help find solutions that can change your life.

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