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Benefits of Bankruptcy

The Value of a Debt-Free Life

Overwhelming debt is one of the most difficult situations anyone can face; financial stress can damage your physical and emotional health, harm your marriage and other personal relationships, create depression, frustration, and apathy, and give you sleepless nights. You may be facing creditor harassment through collection agencies, the threat of losing your home or possessions, or wage garnishment. No one should have to live under the burden of continual distress. If you are unable to meet your basic financial needs and those of your family, you should seek professional legal help.

The primary benefit of declaring a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy is the discharge of some or all of your unsecured debts, such as credit card debt, department store cards, utility bills, medical or dental bills, payday loans, deficiency balances on repos or foreclosures, and other personal loans. These types of debt may be permanently eliminated or significantly reduced. When your bankruptcy petition is filed, an automatic stay will be imposed on your creditors. They will be barred by federal law from any further contact you in any way regarding your debt. These creditors must deal only with your attorney and through the bankruptcy court.

This means that unsecured debt such as collection agency debt as well as wage garnishments, repossessions, utility shutoffs, evictions, and foreclosures will be halted while your case proceeds through the courts. This automatic stay allows you the breathing room you need in the matter of effectively handling secured debt (mortgages, vehicles, and other financed possessions); in many cases, these secured assets can be saved permanently. That means you will retain your home, your car, and your earnings. Creditors who violate the automatic stay are subject to charges of contempt of court with resulting damages and the cost of attorneys' fees when claims are made against them.

Work with a Gainesville Bankruptcy Attorney

Let me use my years of legal experience as a bankruptcy attorney to help you move forward toward a brighter future.

Imagine living without the daily stress and burden of financial crisis. Imagine regaining control of your finances and rebuilding your future from a fresh start. Legal options exist under federal and Florida law which can help you achieve this goal. Thousands of individuals throughout North Florida have taken advantage of these laws. With my help, you can learn what your options are, how you may qualify, and what is optimum for you based on your unique needs, objectives, and situation.

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